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Energy efficiency consulting

The industry is increasingly challenged in the area of sustainability and energy efficiency. Pump systems are considered as key products, as they offer tremendous potential savings on energy and costs. CP recognised this back in 1999, acted on it and has thus assumed a pioneering role when it comes to energy-saving pump systems.

Over recent years we have continuously optimised numerous pump systems in terms of their hydraulics. It has thereby been possible to increase their efficiency by up to 30 per cent. CP consistently campaigns worldwide for sustainable production in industry. Our customers benefit from comprehensive solutions that reduce costs and CO2 emissions over the long term.

In this respect, the issue of energy efficiency must always be considered with regard to all areas of pump systems and installations into account. Pumps are always part of a larger system, where significant savings and optimisations can be achieved, particularly when it comes to designing and planning such systems (e.g. when designing pipeline systems or defining the pump operating point), as well as from the selection of energy efficient motors and drive systems (e.g. speed-controlled drive).

Of course, the pumps themselves make an important contribution towards energy efficiency: in this context, the focus at CP Pumpen lies on the following issues:

  • optimal pump selection tailored to the operating point: With a large product range, at CP we are able to select optimally tailored – and hence energy efficient – pumps for the widest range of operating conditions. In this respect, the impeller diameter is determined during the design process so that the desired operating point is reached precisely.

  • Energy efficient impellers and pumps: The impellers and pumps used at CP Pumpen have been continuously hydraulically optimised since 1999 to achieve the highest possible degree of efficiency. Regardless of the hydraulic system used, efficiency levels of up to 86% can now be achieved.

  • Choice of energy efficient containment shrouds: When using magnetic drive pumps with a metallic containment shroud, eddy current losses are induced in the shroud (due to the electrical conductivity of the metal). These can account for a significant proportion of the total power required, especially in the case of larger pumps. By selecting the containment shroud material accordingly, eddy current losses can be sharply reduced or completely eliminated. CP therefore offers containment shrouds in a wide range of materials, including plastic, ceramic and titanium. It is often overlooked that an energy efficient containment shroud not only reduces operating costs (energy costs), but in many cases it also allows a smaller and thus less expensive motor to be selected.

  • Simple, unique and compact design of CP Pumpen: CP Pumpen's MKP impellers rotate around a stationary axle integrated in the casing. This means that the impellers are supported centrally with just a single plain bearing: there is no need for a rotating shaft nor a second plain bearing. This reduces the number of individual parts and makes the pumps sustainable and energy efficient from this point of view too.

cleaner pumps, cleaner planet: We are convinced that researching, thinking and acting in a sustainable manner at all times pays off for all partners involved.

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