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Services from CP Pumpen: What can we do for you?

Are you planning to use our centrifugal pumps for your installation or are you already doing so? Congratulations! Because the pump systems from CP Pumpen also include a first-class pump service. As an additional service we also offer you precise and efficient contract manufacturing.

With us you can expect a first-class pump service surrounding our high-tech pumps.

This starts even before they are delivered: we test every newly produced pump before it leaves the factory. Our committed customer service supports you when it comes to maintenance and repairs; in addition we pay particular attention to the quick delivery of original spare parts. All these services ensure the trouble-free operation of your centrifugal pumps and a long product life.

And another thing: we have decades of experience in the contract manufacturing of individual parts as well as small and medium batches. Make use of our precise and efficient production in contract work, and at fair prices too. What more do you want? Contact us – We are at your service.

Worth knowing: CP Pumpen provides a comprehensive pump service, maintenance and repair services directly at the factory in Switzerland.

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Tested pump quality

CP Pumpen tests all new pumps before they are delivered. This ensures that every single pump meets the high requirements in terms of quality and performance. Our precise and modern pump testing facilities enable comprehensive tests, measurements and evaluations; the analyses are continually adapted to the latest requirements. Find our which tests and measurements we offer.

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Service from CP Pumpen – performed at your premises

CP Pumpen offers a comprehensive repair and maintenance service. Our qualified specialists are also happy to help you directly on site. What issues are of interest to you? Adapting the pump to new applications | Subsequently increasing the pump performance | Retrofitting pumps | Reinstalling a pump | Damage assessment in case of pump faultg | Cause analysis Questions about our pump service? Please contact us!

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Proactive product documentation

For all CP pumps we keep the documentation for a pump’s whole lifetime, in other words for 15, 20, 25 years plus. That is much longer than the period prescribed by law in most countries. In addition, we constantly update the documentation. We thereby ensure that CP pumps can be completely traced back even after years. Sometimes a centrifugal pump comes to us for repair after 20 or 25 years in operation – and we can then look back on our complete documentation. Because in some cases this provides valuable information about its history and speeds up the cause analysis and the repair work. We introduced the product documentation at CP Pumpen back when the company was founded, as a good pump service with a view to the future.

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CP sales team Switzerland & worldwide

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CP sales team Germany

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