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Our corporate values: inspiring us and our pumps

Our corporate values guide us, inspire us and motivate us to come up with something new. They are responsible for the fact that centrifugal pumps by CP Pumpen are so efficient, safe and rugged – now and in the future.

Our employees set about their work with pleasure and prudence at our company. In the knowledge that they are making an important and responsible contribution in the research, development and production of our chemical process pumps. Because our centrifugal pumps often convey hazardous fluids, which must not be released into the environment.

Our corporate values are guiding and inspiring us to always look for the best possible solution: from a technical, economic and ecological point of view. We put them into practice by developing, producing and testing high tech magnetic drive pumps and double mechanical seal pumps according to the highest quality standards.

What CP Pumpen values: quality, responsibility, sustainability

We make great efforts for our customers, supply the best quality as a Swiss pump manufacturer and guarantee maximum safety in doing so. Our responsibility towards people and the environment is also an integral part of our corporate values.

All our thoughts and actions are geared towards optimising processes and making sustainable improvements for the environment when it comes to pumping fluids.

"Our corporate culture depends on mutual respect and appreciation. We promote understanding between people as well as an entrepreneurial spirit and committed, proactive, responsible actions. Our flat hierarchies make us agile and able to react swiftly to changes."

Our corporate culture

The corporate culture at CP Pumpen is characterised by team work and initiative. In this respect, tackling challenges together plays just as much a role for us as the contribution made by each individual to the whole. Regular training and interdepartmental projects help us to expand our expertise further, reinforce the internal sharing of information and also look inquisitively beyond the horizon.