Liquid sulphur

Sulphur is used both in the chemical and the pharmaceutical industry, among other things for the production of sulphuric acid, dyes, pesticides and artificial fertilizers. What is special about sulphur in liquid form is its changing structure and sublimation. What looks nice poses a challenge for the pump application.

Rugged pumps are called for when pumping liquid sulphur. The challenge is to move the product that easily solidifies safely and efficiently. Whether that is done using horizontal, dry-installed pumps from the MKP series - CP’s metallic, seal-less magnetic drive pumps or with the same pump model but in the submersible MKTP version for installation in immersion containers.

Besides its ruggedness, options like the heatable casing are an effective solution for quickly heating up the pump around all the corners and curves. That is only possible due to the ingeniously simple design of CP’s magnetic drive pumps. The central bearing system without a bearing bracket enables free access to the parts of the casing in contact with the product. In the case of the MKTP version in the form of a sump pump, the patented bearing lubrication is a highlight for the maintenance department. No dismantling, no production downtime, simply ingenious.