Cooling and heating circuits

Multi-purpose installations in the production of fine chemicals, pharmaceuticals or polymers? Which of these installations can do without cooling or heating circuits? The reliable CP pumps without a shaft seal for high temperatures prevent high-risk leaks and thus reduce the risk of fire - safety for people, the environment and your investment

Very often, MKP in the high temperature version are used at temperatures over 250° to 350°C - and safely so! The high temperature version is designed so that excessive heating of the magnets and the motor side can be prevented. Selected materials in the bearing system have been specifically designed for this heavy-duty application. The seal-less construction is leak-free and hence very safe with regard to posing a danger to people, the environment and installations. No leaking oil - no contamination and less risk of fire.

But MKPs are also used for cold temperature applications down to -100°C. This opens up possibilities in the field of low temperature reactions or pumping pharmaceutical materials in a gentle, contamination-free manner.