Swiss quality centrifugal pumps for maximum safety

Industrial production processes involving hazardous fluids require the most stringent safety measures and maximum pump safety. You can make your operation as safe as possible with our premium Swiss high quality centrifugal pumps.

Working with challenging fluids means you are familiar with the high safety and quality standards in your industry. Whether you work in the chemical industry (basic and fine chemical, agrochemical and petrochemical), pharmaceutical, biotechnology, food and beverage, and pulp and paper industries, you need highly safe centrifugal pumps wherever your processes involve the handling of hazardous fluids.

CP Pumpen AG specialises in innovative and highly safe centrifugal pumps for aggressive liquids. We have been developing and producing these at our company headquarters in Switzerland since 1948. We work with proven Swiss quality consciousness and future-oriented innovation strategies, compliant to ISO 9001. We are fully committed to the safety of your processes, your employees and to our shared environment.

Learn more about our highly safe centrifugal pumps and our Swiss company.

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