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Sustainability begins with the support of young talent

Depending on the company, polymechanics produce parts from metals and plastics, from the smallness of a watch screw to the size of a turbine wheel several meters in diameter. To do this, they use modern, often computer-controlled drilling, turning and milling machines and many other machine tools. In the production of CP Pumpen AG in Switzerland at the production site in Zofingen, they are among others main components of the magnetically coupled chemical process pumps, such as impellers, clamping sleeves, bearing sleeves, containment shells or the lantern and pump cases.

The mechanics define operations, create programs, set up the machines. They monitor and optimize the manufacturing processes. They assemble devices, apparatus, machines or systems and carry out the necessary adjustment, regulation and testing work. They locate and rectify faults. They also test parts and assemblies for function and quality.

In the 1st year of the apprenticeship, which lasts a total of 4 years, a 5-week theoretical training phase is followed by a training course in machine production. There, the prospective polymechanics are familiarized with the basics of practical work. In the area of turning, the training plan includes facing, longitudinal turning, grooving and thread cutting. In the milling area, it is face milling, shell milling, pocket milling, slot milling and drilling. In addition, sheet metal is also bent. This basic work covers all the fundamentals of this high-tech professional field in an optimal environment.

Therefore, since 2005, our passionate apprentice trainer, Roger Heim, has been accompanying the apprentices at CP Pumpen AG in their daily practice. Here, the optimal conditions do not always exist (such as clamping conditions) or solutions have to be found together for tricky and complex tasks. Now it's down to the nitty-gritty and combining theory and practice. To date, CP Pumpen has trained 12 apprentices some of them are showed in the picture below. "A large part of the value creation takes place in the production rooms. Good and motivated specialists are indispensable for the quality of our products and for the success of CP Pumpen AG," says Kurt Ackermann, Head of the Operations Department. "That's why it's important to us to train skilled workers and to live our philosophy of sustainability in the company!"

Picture locomotive: Practice course mechanical production, final project Rogerio Joerg, polymechanic, today in his 2nd year of apprenticeship, at CP Pumpen AG at the main site in Switzerland