Production Shutdown in Chemical Poduction!

A renowned chemical company from Germany, with over 110,000 employees worldwide, had exactly this scenario. Production stoppage due to a pump failure in the milling operation of the paints and coating business unit!

Adding to this bad news, that makes every production manager sweat, the pumping station was not redundantly equipped! A replacement pump is neither available from the original manufacturer nor from other regular suppliers within a period of 8-12 weeks! What now?

According the motto - necessity is the mother of invention - the company has temporarily "misused" another existing pump in order to at least avoid major damage and to maintain emergency operation.

Unfortunately, due to the solids content in the medium (sulfuric acid mother liquor with 10% pigment content), the emergency unit is only suitable to a limited extent and therefore has a very short service life.

For production, this means that a suitable magnetically coupled chemical process pump with external bearing flushing must be procured within the shortest possible time before an additional production stoppage occurs. Let's go!

Thanks to high availability in stock and dynamic teamwork, CP Pumpen was able to deliver a PFA-lined pump of the MKPL series to the customer - from receipt of order to dispatch to client’s site - within five working days.

The pump was easily integrated into the plant and is running smoothly. Production is back at full speed again and the customer is highly satisfied. This makes work fun!

Advantages and applications of the external bearing flushing: especially with the PFA-lined magnetic drive pumps, customers of CP Pump Systems use this system to introduce additional bearing lubrication in case of solids presence in the pumped medium. Bearing flushing is significantly improved and wear is reduced. The external bearing flushing is monitored by the customer to ensure safety against dry running.

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