MKPL – PFA-Lined Magnetic Drive Chemical Process Pump

Discover the benefits of the MKPL produced by CP here – the corrosion and diffusion-resistant centrifugal pump – even at high temperatures.

Their casing is lined with high quality, corrosion and diffusion-resistant PFA. The thick PFA lining is anchored vacuum-tight to the metal reinforcement. This absorbs the mechanical loads caused by the system pressure or by pipeline forces. The intelligent modular system makes assembly easier and reduces the costs for spare parts, maintenance and repair to a minimum.

Find out more about our MKPL pump in our animation.


Special features

  • Metal reinforcement with thick, vacuum-tight, corrosion and diffusion-resistant PFA lining
  • 100 % vacuum-tight
  • PFA-lined plain bearing carrier
  • Medium temperature up to 200°C max.
  • Up to 10% solids concentration can be pumped – depending on the nature of the particles*


  • Compact & virtually free of dead space
  • No shaft feedthrough & leak-free
  • Single-part & central bearing
  • Horizontal installation
  • Open impeller & closed impeller with metal core
  • Bearing made of pure SSiC (=highest operating safety)
  • Plain and thrust bearings secured with polygonal form-fit, self-centring anti-rotation devices
  • Plastic impeller firmly secured against rotating in the wrong pump direction
  • Single-part, vacuum-tight, non-metallic shroud
  • Single-stage centrifugal pump

Assembly & repair

  • Bearing frame and motor can be dismantled (pump remains in the facility and is sealed to the outside)
  • Modular system made up of few individual parts
  • Assembly friendly

*In general, media with solids content can be transported, but application-specific verification in advance is necessary.

Technical data

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Capacities Arrow Black

SI: 0.5 to 400 m³/h
US: 2.2 to 1761.2 gpm

Heads Arrow Black

SI: 3 to 90 m
US: 9.8 to 295.2 ft

Pressure rating Arrow Black

PN 16

Temperatures Arrow Black

SI: -20 to +200°C
US: -4 to +392° F

Kinematic viscosities Arrow Black

US: 0.5 to 350 mm²/s
SI: 0.5 to 350 cSt

Solids handling Arrow Black

Up to 10% solids concentration, depending on the pumped fluid*

Casing Materials Arrow Black

Cast iron (GGG 40.3)/vacuum-tight PFA lining

Working Principle Arrow Black

Radial flow pump

Priming Method Arrow Black

Flooded suction

Sealing System Arrow Black

Magnetic coupling

Configuration types Arrow Black

CP standard: Close-coupled (SI: -20 to +200 °C/ US: -4 to +392°F)
EN standard: Bearing-frame (SI: -20 to +200 °C/ US: -4 to +392°F)

Directives Arrow Black

EC Machinery Directive
EC ATEX Directive
FDA 21 CFR §177

Standards Arrow Black

DIN EN ISO 2858, 5199, 15783

Casing Arrow Black

Connection flanges
To EN 1092-2
Drilled to ANSI/ASME B16.5

Additional connections
Casing drain (with or without flange)
External flush connection for bearing lubrication and/or flushing and cooling the magnet assembly
Lantern monitoring connection

Gasket materials

O-ring materials

Bearing Assembly Arrow Black

SSiC (sintered silicon carbide)
SSiC with diamond-like coating (ADLC)
SSiC with FuturaSafe®

Containment Shell Arrow Black

With containment shell monitoring

Carbon fibre reinforced PTFE
Heat-resistant carbon fibre reinforced PTFE
Carbon fibre reinforced PVDF

Pump Protection Arrow Black

Containment shell leakage monitoring
Pt100 temperature probe
Engine load sensor

Mounts Arrow Black


Stainless steel

Drip pan
Grounding lugs

Bearing Frame Arrow Black

Oil lubrication
Grease lubrication

Oil lubrication options
Hermetic seal (MagTecta OM™)
Constant level oiler


Coupling guard