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Contract Manufacturing

Specialised, experienced, reliable

If you are looking to outsource manufacturing jobs for single parts, small to medium-sized batches and sub-assemblies, we are your experts. Our experienced and highly motivated professionals will assist you with all stages of production utilising fully equipped, modern facilities and machinery. CP’s contract manufacturing services stand for premium quality at fair prices, coupled with reliable, prompt delivery and high flexibility. Are you pressed for time? Express orders are routine for our team. You can always count on us.

CP offers an extremely broad spectrum of materials, from plastics and rust- resistant metals to superalloys like Hastelloy®, nickel or titanium, always combined with the specialised knowledge used in our own production operations. We are also recognised as proven experts in CNC turning and milling. Added to that, you will benefit from the favourable material sourcing terms we negotiate.

Turning | milling

–  CNC and conventional turning
–  CNC and conventional milling
Our multi-axis CNC turning and milling centres perform several operations in one pass, ensuring the highest precision and reducing costs.  

Spray coating | pickling

–  Liquid coating
–  Pickling, depending on the part size
Our excellently equipped spray facilities speed up this manufacturing stage while producing impeccable quality.


–  Welding of all types and materials, incl. pre-machining
Challenging weldments are all part of a day’s work for our certified welders. They are familiar with the full gamut of technical specifications, always keeping their expertise up to date.


–  Component assembly
–  Final assembly
Needless to say, our skilled mechanics are true assembly craftsmen. We have a specialised team dedicated to assembling complex components and/or sub-assemblies.


–  Label plates and signage: for components and other uses
–  A wide range of items and materials

CP Contract Manufacturing
at a Glance

– CAD support
– Material sourcing
– Single parts production
– Small to medium batch production
– Quality assurance
– Component assembly
– Final assembly
– Logistics

Our Machinery

5-axis CNC turning centres (Mazak Integrex)
Other machinery:
Contract Manufacturing Fact Sheet (German only)


Kurt Ackermann, Production Director
Phone +41 62 746 85 85
Fax     +41 62 746 85 86

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