SZMK - Stainless Steel Magnetic Drive In-Line Chemical Process Pump

Discover the benefits of the SZMK produced by CP here - The space-saving in-line centrifugal pump.


Special features

  • dirt-resistant open impeller
  • good drainability


  • compact & virtually free of dead space
  • no shaft feedthrough & leak-free
  • single-part & central bearing
  • in-line installation for optimal use of space
  • pump body made of non-porous bar stock
  • no plain bearing carrier
  • using a single product-lubricated bearing eliminates common weak point on conventional pumps
  • sophisticated bearing flushing offers reserves for difficult applications and high solids concentration in fluids
  • low bearing forces due to hydraulically balanced impeller
  • solids possible*

Assembly & repair

  • modular system made up of few individual parts
  • assembly friendly
  • simple & low-cost installation


  • DIN EN ISO 5199, 15783


  • EC Machinery Directive
  • EC Atex Directive

*In general, media with solids content can be transported, but application-specific verification in advance is absolutely necessary.

Technical data


Capacities Arrow Black

0.5 to 4.0 m3/h

Heads Arrow Black

1.4 to 50 m

Pressure rating Arrow Black

PN 16

Temperatures Arrow Black

-100 to +200°C

Kinematic viscosities Arrow Black

0.5 to 350 mm2/s

Solids handling Arrow Black

Depending on the pumped fluid

Casing Material Arrow Black

Stainless steel 1.4404/1.4435 (316L)

Other materials

Stainless steel (e.g. 1.4306, Uranus® B6), duplex alloys (e.g. 1.4517),
nickel-base alloys (e.g. Hastelloy® C-4, C-22)

Working Principle Arrow Black

Radial flow pump

Stages Arrow Black

Single stage

Priming Method Arrow Black

Flooded suction

Sealing System Arrow Black
Configurations Arrow Black

CP's standard configuration: Close-coupled (-100°C to +200°C)
Additional options: Vertical, in-line

EC Directives Arrow Black

2006/42/EC (Machinery), 2014/34/EC (ATEX)

Standards Arrow Black

DIN EN ISO 2858, 5199, 15783

Casing Arrow Black

Materials of construction

Stainless steel (e.g. 1.4306, Uranus® B6)
Duplex alloys (e.g. 1.4517)
Nickel-base alloys (e.g. Hastelloy® C-4, C-22)
Other materials (rolled bar stock) to meet customer needs

Connection flanges

To EN 1092-1
Drilled to ANSI/ASME B16.5

Additional connections

Casing drain (with or without flange)
External flush connection for bearing lubrication
Lantern monitoring connection

Gasket materials

Graphite/stainless steel 1.4401
Graphit/nickel-base alloy 2.4819 (Hastelloy® C-276)
Sigma 511®

Plug seal materials

Silver-plated nickel

Bearing Assembly Arrow Black


SSiC (sintered silicon carbide)
SSiC with graphite
SSiC with diamond-like coating (ADLC)
Nickel-bound tungsten carbide
Nickel-bound tungsten carbide with diamond-like coating (ADLC)

Containment Shell Arrow Black


Stainless steel
Hastelloy® C

Pump Protection Arrow Black


On containment shell

Mount Arrow Black




Stainless steel

Technical Drawings