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Centrifugal pumps from the Swiss pump manufacturer: efficient, rugged and safe

Do you need to solve particularly challenging pumping tasks? That suits, because we have centrifugal pumps with particularly good properties. As a Swiss pump manufacturer, we develop and produce them especially for pumping difficult liquids.

We manufacture our centrifugal pumps in our own production at the company headquarters in Zofingen. As a Swiss pump manufacturer, we naturally attach great importance to high quality. In this respect we pay ultimate attention to every single component so that the finished pump meets the high safety standards and our demands in every detail.

When it comes to your processes, you may be pumping liquids that are abrasive, corrosive or particularly hazardous for people and the environment? Then you will ensure smooth production processes with our centrifugal pumps: all CP pumps are efficient, rugged and safe. We construct them according to a modular system that entails further qualities: our centrifugal pumps are maintenance-friendly and ultra-compact in their design.

Our magnetic drive pumps are leak-free and are ideally suitable for particularly difficult liquids.

Do you deal with aggressive, corrosive, inflammable liquids containing solids, which are a risk to health and the environment? The magnetic drive chemical process pump MKP could be exactly the right pump for your application.

Do you deal with highly aggressive, chlorinated or fluorinated media? Get to know our MKPL magnetic drive chemical process pump, which is ideally prepared for such liquids with its vacuum-tight PFA lining.

Are you looking for a centrifugal pump for a particular application? You will find what you need in our ABC of pump applications.

Are you looking for a particular centrifugal pump from our product range? Take a look in our pump catalogue.

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Our customers operate chemical plants in which the safety of people, the environment and invested capital is a top priority. CP pumps meet these requirements thanks to a well thought-out design, high manufacturing quality and assembly by qualified, responsible specialists. The testing and recording of the results of each individual pump manufactured by CP Pumpen ensures the result - for more safety in our customers' systems!



Starting with the development of our pumps, components are designed for tough practical use in everyday industrial life. Resistant materials and maintenance-friendly design contribute greatly to the CP pumps achieving a long service life - even under difficult conditions.



We achieve the desired result - the conveyance of difficult fluids from A to B - with minimum possible effort. Energy efficiency in our pumps is an important concern of CP pumps. We produce efficiently and sustainably and so are our products.

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Pump catalogue

Discover the optimal centrifugal pump for your application.