It is impossible to imagine the chemical industry without solvents. The importance of the large number of different solvents is enormous. Solvents have to be transported in installations - safely and efficiently!

Whether it is only water, alcohol or complex solvents. High or low-boiling, every solvent has specification properties which need taking into consideration when pumping these media. When selecting the pumps, alongside density, viscosity, vapour pressure and many other parameters, CP Pumpen also considers the energy efficiency of the pump and the thermal load on the system. For certain models, therefore, eddy-current-free shrouds are also available. Vapour pressure, NPSH and the effects of deficient lubrication need to be considered right from the design phase so that the installed CP pump ultimately performs its task safely and for a long time.

Seldom critical is the choice of material, which is usually stainless steel 1.4581, yet particular attention must be paid to the choice of seals. The MKP, metallic magnetic drive CP pump contains no seals in the part in contact with the product and is therefore much less critical than pumps with seals, for example with a mechanical seal. If solvents are used in the pharmaceutical sector for the transportation or reaction of active ingredients, pumping them free of contamination is essential. CP magnetic drive pumps stand out perfectly here!