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Chlorine alkali electrolysis

The showcase procedure for CP pumps - all types of shaft seal-less pumps and those with a mechanical seal produced by CP Pumpen are successfully used here. Whether for brine, sodium hydroxide, hypochlorite, chlorine and sometimes even for supplying water. Efficient, rugged and safe!

Whilst titanium or nickel pumps used to be predominantly used, these days the plastic-lined MKPL or EB pump models developed by CP Pumpen are used. Where there is still a solids content or where crystallisation may potentially occur, EB pumps with a Futuratef(R) double mechanical seal are used. In the field of electrolyte circulation, it is the economically viable MKPLs, metallic and rugged with corrosion-resistant PFA lining, which are used. These can also be used with an NaOH concentration up to 200°C.