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Pumps & Valves' premiere in Zurich - also present: CP!

March 15, 2017

For the first time, the Pumps & Valves took place in Switzerland. CP joined this exhibition, presented its pump specialties with their unique CP design using an inverted drive configuration and introduced its mobile pump solution - also frequency-controlled for EX-protected areas.

Zofingen, March 15, 2017 - The exciting course of the Pumps & Valves as well as the successful participation at this exhibition ensures joy at CP Pumpen AG in Zofingen. CP's experts, always appreciated for their professional advice, informed the visitors about CP's MKP line and its special CP technology.

With the Pumps & Valves, the exhibitors have a platform available on which they can present their latest innovations, trends and solutions in the field of pumps and valves technology. Furthermore, this exhibition offers the opportunity to address and discuss challenges and innovative solutions, information and different opinions. The contents at the Pumps & Valves included drive technology for pumps and fittings, seals, industrial pumps as well as the test, measurement and regulation technology for pumps and fittings.

The MKP-Bio and the mobile magnetic drive process pump at the stand of CP Pumpen AG received special attention. The magnetic driven biotech process pump also works with CP's unique inverted drive configuration. Hermetically sealed, the pump handles as well high demanding fluids absolutely safe, efficient and hygienic.

The centrifugal pump's mobile design offers the special features of the magnetic driven chemical process pumps in combination with monitoring and control. Another specialty of the mobile pump is the possible usage in areas exposed to explosion hazards - even with integrated frequency converter up to 11 kW.

Magnetic drive chemical process pumps for high demanding handling operations / ATEX

During his presentation at the Pumps & Valves, René Grywnow, CEO & Head of Sales at CP Pumpen GmbH in Mannheim, informed the visitors about the classification of magnetic drive pumps, the limitations and possibilities of pumps in areas exposed to explosion hazards and illustrated on the basis of practical examples how CP's pumps coruscate in high demanding environments.

With his expertise in the field of pumps, he made passing visitors stop and follow his speech. Thereby, he disproved widespread misunderstandings that magnetic drive pumps would be less suitable for the handling of solids-laden fluids.

"The single, centrally located impeller bearing assembly represents another special feature next to CP's inverted drive configuration. The impeller bearing assembly gets optimally lubricated and cooled by the pumped fluid, which enables the handling of low-boiling fluids as well as liquids containing solids in concentrations up to 30 per cent with a particle size up to 1mm.", explained René Grywnow, CEO & Head of Sales at CP Pumpen GmbH in Mannheim, at the Pumps & Valves in Zurich.

Grywnow also highlighted the advantages of CP's mobile design. Applicable in Zone 1, T4 with frequency converter, CP's mobile MKP also pumps fluids exposed to explosion hazards absolutely safe. This pump is applicable in the same areas like the rest of CP's pumps portfolio.

CP Pumpen AG: experienced, committed, energy efficient

CP is a highly innovative Swiss company. For over 65 years, CP has manufactured safe and energy efficient centrifugal pumps for the chemical, pharmaceutical, biotech, food and beverage, pulp and paper industries. Headquartered in Zofingen, Switzerland, the company is globally active and locally present in many countries.

CP's mobile MKP - Frequency-controlled for EX protected areas.

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