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Magnetic coupling and solid laden fluids? Sure, that works!

February 02, 2017

At the 14th Pumpenforum 2016 in Wurzburg, CP convinced again with its expertise in magnetic driven process pumps.

Malfunction, chemical resistance, leakage and hygienic cleanness are only a few challenges, which can occur during the operation of pumps within different circumstances. The use of the right seal is one of the important criteria. As the authors Bittermann and Kempf of the professional magazine "Process" mention in their article "Warum auch smarte Pumpen Planer und Bediener mit Know-how brauchen", the use of a mechanical seal does not ensure the complete sealing. That means that the leakage of one gram/hour is normal as well as the cleaning process of an CIP/SIP-"conform" pump does not mean the pump is "hygienic clean" (cp. Bittermann & Kempf, Online 2017).

In contrast to the unfavorable decrease of pump personnel, the demand for well-educated pump operators is upstreaming. As there are different drivers like high demanding fluids and handling environments which influence the pump's design, the manufacturer's know-how is essential.

Magnetic coupling and solid laden fluids? Both works together!

While magnetic driven pumps are usually used as a suitable solution to eliminate the leakage, they are not often seen in the handling of solid laden fluids. René Grywnow, CEO & Head of Sales at CP Pumpen GmbH located in Mannheim, debilitated the misrepresentation at the Pumpenforum in Wurzburg and introduced CP's magnetic driven process pump. The MKP can handle fluids containing solids in concentrations up to 30 %. Thanks to CP's special pump design, the single, centrally located impeller bearing assembly, which gets optimum lubrication and cooling by the provided fluid, the pump enables the handling of solid laden and low-boiling liquids. Additionally, the MKP's compact design ensures a very short heating-up time and heating distribution and prevents cold zones.

CP also offers plain bearings with various materials and different coatings which even enable the handling of crystallising and polymerising fluids.

Take the opportunity to learn more about CP's MKP-Line and visit CP's experts at the Pumps & Valves in Zurich | Messe Zurich | February 08 - 09 2017 | Hall 4 | Stand G05!

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Check out our animation to learn more about CP's MKP. 

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