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CP's 2014 Representatives Seminar
Right in the Heart of Switzerland

19 May 2014

From 14 to 16 May, 38 CP partners and experts from 15 countries gathered in Weggis, Central Switzerland, to hear first-hand all about CP’s latest technical developments, product trends and marketing activities.

CEO Thomas Würsch spoke about CP as an “Advocate for Energy Efficiency” and discussed “Innovative & Intelligent Pump Systems” in depth, highlighting key criteria and development trends, illustrated with product and application examples.

CP’s Chief Technical Officer, Thomas Folsche, presented a technical review of developments from 2010 to 2013 and outlined future innovations. Topics he covered included a rundown of new MKP pump sizes and details of the new ball bearing for the MKP-Bio and the optimised containment shell condition monitoring system for the MKPL model.

Heinz Mathys of the Sales Department introduced CP’s representatives to the opportunities in carbo-chemical plants, with CP offering pumps for countless applications in steel mills with coke oven processes. Other main themes of the seminar were technical support, marketing and rebranding, presence at trade shows, focus on listening to customers, and the inputs and needs of CP’s representatives.

This three-day seminar was also an occasion for the participants to get to know and appreciate each other, for example over drinks while testing their skills in Farm Olympics – cow milking, horseshoe pitching and nail driving – and during the barbecue afterwards at a rustic farmhouse.

Everyone is also sure to remember the boat trip from Weggis to Vitznau and the ride in the “Belle Epoque” saloon carriage on the Rigi railway up to Rigi Kulm. From there, the guests hiked through snow to the summit of Mount Rigi and then enjoyed a delicious dinner at Rigi Kaltbad.

Every three years, CP invites its representatives from around the globe to a seminar lasting several days. The previous one had taken place in the Ticino in September 2010. The object of this event is to share valuable expertise and specific national experience. This not only enhances the quality of local customer service, but also strengthens and improves the efficiency of collaboration between the company’s headquarters and its teams in the various countries.


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