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CP to Attend Sulphur in Miami as a Gold Sponsor

28 October 2013

More than 500 professionals have already registered for Sulphur 2013 and will be headed to the InterContinental Miami in Florida, USA. The world's largest conference and exhibition for the sulphur industry will be taking place from 4 to 7 November. As a renowned specialist in horizontal and vertical pumping of molten sulphur and highly concentrated sulphuric acid, CP is supporting the event as a Gold Sponsor and looks forward to welcoming visitors to its Stand 63.

In Miami, CP will focus on showcasing its stainless steel (MKP, MKTP) and PFA lined (MKPL) magnetic drive centrifugal pumps. With their patented inverted drive configuration, CP's stainless steel MKP chemical process pumps offer unique advantages in horizontal pumping of molten sulphur. They can be fully heated without contaminating the pumps' contents. What's more, they are also hermetically sealed, ensuring absolutely zero leakage. And because they operate without any seals, maintenance is easier and less costly. The stainless steel MKTP chemical process pumps offer the very same benefits for vertical pumping of molten sulphur. CP's PFA lined MKPL chemical process pump is an ideal product for pumping highly challenging and hazardous concentrated sulphuric acid.

Sulphur brings together representatives from a wide variety of disciplines within the industry who hail from countries all around the world. This event will mark its 29th consecutive year. The conference agenda includes a look at the current market situation as well as its outlook. In tandem, an extensive and informative exhibition will spotlight products, technology, equipment and literature.

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