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What Needs to be Considered When Buying
Plastic-Lined Magnetic Drive Pumps

Article published in PROCESS on 28 April 2009

By Thomas Würsch


Plastic-lined magnetic drive pumps are increasingly being used in the pharmaceutical and chemical industries. With their characteristics today, magnetic drive pumps eliminate the need for mechanical seals and are steadily making inroads into applications traditionally served by conventional mechanical seal pumps.

Even high temperatures of up to 200°C, vacuum resistance or solids particles no longer present obstacles for lined magnetic drive pumps. With improved construction and manufacturing processes, larger capacity pumps can be built, and lined magnetic drive pumps are easily capable of delivering flow rates of more than 400 m3/h and differential heads of over 85 m.

Separate the Wheat from the Chaff

It pays to look at the construction details of plastic-lined magnetic drive pumps because not all pumps meet the most stringent requirements. Particularly for handling hazardous materials (HCl, H2SO4, HNO3) and for difficult applications (extreme temperatures and/or pressures, solids content), it is well worth meticulously scrutinizing the product you will want to depend upon. When searching for the best solutions, users are aware of the importance of extreme reliability of pumps. They consciously avoid lined, technically simpler pumps in order to find the robustness that will give them the best value for their investment and ensure long-term reliability of the pumps. When the highest quality matters, the wheat separates from the chaff, making it important for the buyer to carefully compare the features of different pumps being considered.

Read the full article as a PDF file (German only)

Read the full article in PROCESS (German only)

Impeller MKPL 150-125-315
Open impeller with a vertical sectional view of the volute showing the static pressure distribution in the volute. The pressure is indicated in [Pa].

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