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The Best Choice

Excerpt from an end-user interview published in Pumpen Aktuell in June 2014

By Kyra van den Beek

At the beginning of February, CABB put a new multi-purpose production unit into operation at its Pratteln facility in Switzerland. We took this as an opportunity to talk with Thomas Fuhrer, head of the Pilot and Production Plants in Pratteln, and find out more about the pumps used. He explains why the new unit places high demands on the pumps.

How many and what kind of pumps do you use?

All told, we use more than a thousand pumps in Pratteln, all operating at the same time. These include canned motor pumps for the heating and refrigeration systems and magnetic drive pumps for the production lines, for instance. Pumps are primarily employed where we need to transfer substances from one reactor to another and cannot rely on gravity and pressure to transport them.

The new unit uses altogether eight magnetic drive chemical process pumps. For it, we chose MKPL Series steel/PFA lined pumps from Swiss pump manufacturer CP Pump Systems because of the positive experience we have already had with them in the existing production lines. The pumps are designed for flow rates of 10 to 25 cubic metres per hour. We mostly operate the pumps for a flow rate of 20 cubic metres per hour. They are driven by 5.5 to 7.5 kilowatt motors.

More Information

CABB Mehrzweckproduktionsanlage PrattelnCABB manufactures several thousand tonnes of basic chemicals, reagents, intermediates and agrochemicals in Pratteln every year.

CABB: New multi-purpose
production unit at Pratteln


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