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Leak-Free and Energy Efficient Magnetic Drive Pumps

Article published in Delta p Global in November 2008

By Daniele Nardin, HTL / WI STV,
Sales Manager CEE-CIS / MIDDLE EAST at CP


Magnetic drive pumps are now widely used and recognised as a safe choice for handling toxic, flammable or corrosive fluids in the chemical industry. As the principle of driving a pump with a magnetic coupling becomes more widespread, the more important it is to focus on the original function of such pumps, namely handling hazardous liquids without leakage by avoiding dynamic seals. As a consequence, these pumps have recently been described more often as ‘sealless’ rather than in terms of their drive or coupling principle.

Pumping flammable, corrosive, toxic and hygienic fluids - energy efficient!

As a company specialised in supplying technologically advanced centrifugal pumps of proven quality for the chemical industry, CP Pumpen AG develops, designs and manufactures sealless magnetic drive pumps in its own production facilities headquartered in Zofingen, Switzerland. With a total workforce of about 60 people, the company and its German subsidiary in Hockenheim provide competent service and individual solutions in consultancy, design, engineering, system layout and after-sales service. The product range comprises sealless pumps and chemical process pumps with shaft sealing for the chemical, pharmaceutical, biotechnology and beverage industries. Applications typically cover flammable, corrosive and toxic fluids, also with high a solids content, or liquids that require hygienic pump design. Materials of construction range from stainless steel and special alloys, such as titanium, Hastelloy® and nickel, to PTFE and PVDF. Of increasing importance are corrosion-resistant PFA lined sealless pumps. For very selective applications, process pumps with special sealing systems and PFA or ceramic lining can be chosen.

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Read more in Delta p Global (German only)


“The combination of state-of-the-art hydraulics, energy efficient design with non-metallic containment shells to eliminate eddy current losses and the use of advanced bearing materials, added to the typical Swiss focus on quality, make CP pumps the right choice where demanding process conditions call for long-lasting solutions.”

Daniele Nardin, in Delta p Global, 2008

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