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CP Pumpen AG received another order of 14 PFA lined magnetic drive chemical process pumps from a leading global player in Benelux

Once again, CP Pumpen AG received a large order from a leading player of the chemical industry in the Benelux states. 14 of CP's PFA lined magnetic drive pumps will support the customer in a base process.

Zofingen, June 09, 2017 – The Swiss pump manufacturer CP Pumpen AG received again a large order from a worldwide leading producer in the chemical industry. Within a base process, CP's MKPL will ensure the absolute safe and reliable handling of the fluid. The PFA lined process pumps deliver a performance from 0.5 to 400 m3/h for a total head of 3 to 90 meters. They are used to handle hot and/or highly concentrated acids, bases, solvent and diffusing fluids within a temperature range of -20°C up to +200°C.

Already in the past, CP supported its customer with its high developed and remarkable energy-efficient magnetic drive pumps. Operating absolutely reliable and safe, the pumps keep the customer's production process running. Therefore, the customer decided once again to implement another project with the pumps of CP Pumpen AG.

The customer's challenge

For the fluid's handling process, the customer sets highest requirements to safety. Risks exist where the fluid encounters the external atmosphere. For the customer, it is important to insert pumps, which work with no leakage and prevent pollution. The use of seal-less pumps avoids a crystallization and ensures a proper production prcocess.

Additionally, a focus on the right material had to be set. Depending on the pumped fluid's concentration and temperature, the material selection is crucial for the prevention of leakage and the consequential damages.

The solution: CP's MKPL

In order to prevent leakage and its dangers reliably, CP's PFA lined magnetic drive chemical process pump will be used. The high quality material is resistant to corrosion and diffusion. Additionally, the pump features a frequency converter, which enables the customer to regulate the rotational frequency and to run up flexbily to specific operating points, which in turn optimises the complete handling process.

Thanks to the usage of a magnetic coupling, there are no leakage and dangers of crystallization, pollution and production downtimes. Furthermore, CP's MKPL solution reduces costs for spare parts to a minimum, because there are no mechanical seals, which have to be replaced regularly due to destruction caused by aggressive media.

Made of pure SSiC in a robust design engineered for ceramics, the bearing assembly ensures high operational safety. Plain and thrust bearings are secured with polygonal form-fit, self-centring anti-rotation devices. Even at high temperatures, the PFA lined metal plain bearing carrier maintains a constant clearance between the impeller and casing.

"We are proud, that our products' quality as well as our quality as a reliable manufacturer and partner convinced our customer to realise another project with CP's magnetic drive process pumps. It is great to see, whenever a customer is satisfied with our performance and appreciates CP's flexibility and ability to offer the customer solutions, tailored to his needs.", commented Heinz Mathys, Senior Sales and Business Development at CP Pumpen AG in Zofingen.

CP Pumpen AG: experienced, committed, energy-efficient

CP is a highly innovative Swiss company. For over 65 years, CP has manufactured safe and energy-efficient centrifugal pumps for the chemical, pharmaceutical, biotech, food and beverage, pulp and paper industries. Headquartered in Zofingen, Switzerland, the company is globally active and locally present in many countries. For market support in Benelux CP has a long-standing, prosperous partnership with Gielink Pump & Sampling Systems. The current project is one of various that CP successfully realised with the team from Gielink.

14 PFA lined magnetic drive chemical process pumps are waiting at CP's headquarter in Zofingen, Switzerland for their application in the customer's production halls.

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