Leak-free magnetic drive pumps – for hazardous media

Leak-free working is the aim of all installations that deal with hazardous, aggressive or valuable fluids. We have developed the leak-free magnetic drive pumps especially for this purpose, helping you to perform your daily pumping tasks with problematic media with total reliability.

The chemical and pharmaceutical industries operate processes every day with hazardous media, from which people and the environment have to be kept safe at all times. That is why we at CP Pumpen AG developed magnetic drive centrifugal pumps back in the 1980s, which isolate the conveyed medium 100 per cent from the environment and pump it leak-free. Not only is this recommended for hazardous and aggressive media, but also when very valuable fluids are involved.

These days we offer a very wide product range internationally with completely leak-free magnetic drive pumps: our range includes over ten pump systems and a number of pump sizes to enable the widest variety of pumping tasks. This means you can even pump hazardous fluids that contain up to 30 per cent solids with a particle size of up to one millimeter – in each case depending on the precise nature of the conveyed medium and the particles.

Surprised? Discover the diverse pumping applications, for which you can use our leak-free magnetic drive pumps safely and profitably – day after day.

By the way: all of our metal magnetic drive pumps have a one-piece, central bearing system as well as a stationary shaft. That makes these pumps ideally heatable, very compact, low maintenance and – leak-free.

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