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Energy Efficient Pumps

Pumps are often selected according to technical and commercial specifications that do not sufficiently take into account life cycle costs (LCC). As a result, energy consumption is frequently one of the major cost components and may dominate the LCC, especially if pumps run more than 2,000 hours per year. A 1 kW power difference at the pump’s projected duty point can consume more than €7,000 worth of electricity over a 10-year operating life at 8 cent per kWh.

Installed pumps

When pumps are already installed, you need to consider separate data showing the performance of each pump system over the output range. Performance can be measured in terms of the overall efficiency of the pump or the energy used by the system at the different output levels. Two important power requirements should be evaluated most carefully: the power consumption at the pump’s intended (rated) duty point and at its intended maximum flow rate. When pumps with high power consumption fail, many plant managers send them out to be repaired although the problem of energy wastage will not be solved. One solution is to adopt a pump management policy giving clear guidelines on when to purchase new pumps with minimal power requirements. As a rule, pumps with long running hours and those with larger motor sizes should be replaced. Pumps that run only occasionally and those with smaller motor sizes can be repaired. In case of doubt, asking your pump supplier for a quote indicating the above-mentioned power consumption at your duty point will help you find out how much your company could save with more efficient pumps. Sometimes, replacement of a fully functional pump can even be justified on energy grounds alone.

Selecting new CP pumps

Competent selection of new pumps to minimise energy consumption is one of the keys to reducing pump life cycle costs (LCC). Choosing sealless magnetic drive pumps over pumps with mechanical seals not only offers significant safety advantages; they often consume less energy as well, especially when fitted with non-metallic containment shells that eliminate eddy current losses. CP offers a wide range of different pump models and casings, containment shells and bearing materials to best suit the most diverse system requirements, while ensuring maximum safety and energy efficiency.

CP provides comprehensive advice to help you carefully select energy efficient CP pumps.

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Hydraulisch optimierte MKP 150-125-315
Energy efficient flow pattern of CP's hydraulically optimised MKP 150-125-315

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