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Energy Efficient Impellers

In certain industries, pump impellers have just one standard diameter for each motor size. This means that pump flow needs to be regulated by a valve. Constricting flow with a valve increases friction, so energy is wasted.

Impellers of pumps already installed

Energy efficiency is far more significant to the bottom line than the capital outlay to purchase a pump. For example, an application requires a power input of 23 kW to fit the hydraulic specifications. A pump with a 30 kW motor is installed because a 22 kW motor would not be sufficient. As the pump has a standard impeller designed for 30 kW, 25% of the energy required is wasted. 7 kW of wasted energy can cost more than €49,000 worth of electricity over a 10-year operating life. When pumps with standard impellers fail, many plant managers send them out to be repaired although the problem of energy wastage will not be solved. One solution is to adopt a pump management policy giving clear guidelines on when to purchase new pumps with custom impellers.

As a rule, pumps should be replaced if they have been running for many hours or have standard impellers operating at a flow rate just above that required for a smaller motor size. Pumps that run only occasionally or have standard impellers nearly matching the motor size can be repaired. As this example shows, there are times when replacement of a fully functional pump can be justified on energy grounds alone.

Custom impellers of new CP pumps

On average, pumps fitted with trimmed impellers are up to 10% more efficient than ones with standard impellers because the outside impeller diameter is reduced to exactly match the specific system requirements. Trimming impellers on standardised pumps is a cost-saving and effective way to cut power consumption. With an impeller trimmed to match the specified duty point, a pump will operate at its best efficiency point. Added to that, custom impellers maintain efficiency across wider load ranges and help reduce pump life cycle costs.

CP offers individually customised impeller diameters for all pumps as standard – around the globe.

More Information

Energieeffizientes Laufrad
Closed impeller of the MKP pump

Using CP's pump curves, you can determine how much energy our custom impellers could save for your applications.

Example before hydraulic optimisation:
MKP 65-40-200

Example after hydraulic optimisation: please contact us.

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