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Energy Efficient Containment Shells

Most containment shells of metallic sealless magnetic drive pumps are made of metal because the pump material automatically dictates the containment shell material. Magnets on each side of the containment shell transfer the energy from the magnetic rotor on the atmospheric side through the metallic containment shell to the magnetic rotor on the product side. Depending on the material, size and thickness of the containment shell, energy is wasted through eddy current losses caused by eddy currents flowing through a metallic construction.

Standard containment shell of CP’s metallic magnetic drive pumps

The pumps in the MKP series are metallic sealless magnetic drive centrifugal pumps. They use an inverted drive configuration, having the magnetic rotor on the outer diameter of the containment shell and the driven magnet assembly on the inner and atmospheric side of the containment shell. The impeller rotates about a stationary axis integrated in the suction side of the casing, minimising axial and radial forces and thus making the conventionally required second bearing redundant. MKP pumps need just one single bearing and consequently have fewer parts. This gives users of CP pumps an unrivalled advantage since they require a far smaller inventory of spare parts and can reduce pump maintenance costs.

Non-metallic containment shell of CP’s magnetic drive pumps

CP offers a non-metallic containment shell for its MKP series as a cost neutral solution to improve the energy efficiency of magnetic drive pumps by eliminating eddy current losses. Compared to conventional metallic containment shells, this gives users of CP’s MKP pumps the following benefits:

  • No eddy current losses arise in the containment shell during operation.
  • Lower energy requirements by replacing outdated mechanical seal chemical process pumps with sealless MKP pumps without changing the motor power requirements.
  • The efficiency of existing CP pumps can be significantly increased by replacing current containment shells with non-metallic ones.
  • As pumps with non-metallic containment shells require less energy, smaller motors can be used, which in turn reduces costs.
  • CP's non-metallic containment shells have the same dimensions as metallic containment shells so retrofitting is possible.
  • The non-metallic containment shell is designed for PN16 or PN25 pressure ratings. It has good chemical resistance and can be used at temperatures up to 200°C.
  • Use of a non-metallic containment shell does not generate extra costs.

CP offers non-metallic containment shells for the following pumps: MKP.

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metallfreier Spalttopf
CP’s non-metallic containment shell to eliminate eddy current losses

CP’s Chemical Resistance Table
Use this table to check the chemical resistance of our non-metallic containment shells for your applications.

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