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Retired Experts

(in Switzerland only)

New horizons: CP is actively committed to helping retiring colleagues enjoy the third phase of their lives as much as possible. Every employee who reaches retirement age is given the option of staying on with us part-time to suit his wishes and the possibilities available.

Keeping close ties with our retirees is truly rewarding for us. That’s why we support them as best we can, seeing it as a great opportunity to live up to our sociological and sociopolitical responsibility. A strong partner helps us achieve this goal. Our cooperation with the “Stiftung Kreatives Alter”, a foundation promoting creativity in later life, opens up new horizons for our retirees. Since its inception in 1990, the foundation has held a competition every two years for people aged 70 and over. Aimed at highlighting the many facets of creativity in senior citizens, its purpose is to inspire the older generation to actively participate in shaping our environment, our spiritual life, our culture and thus our future.

With this in view, we encourage all our retired experts to write, compose or play music, engage in research and so on. They can count on our support in fulfilling their personal potential, as well as help in entering the competition organised by the “Stiftung Kreatives Alter”.

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Head of Human Resources
Phone +41 62 746 85 85

Stiftung Kreatives Alter
8022 Zurich
Phone +41 58 283 50 05

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Stiftung Kreatives Alter
Without the achievements of senior members of society, many chapters of our cultural history would never have been written. Even though the creative work of older men and women is mostly done in private, this does not make it any less valuable.

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