The new MKP "OH2 HT" arrangement

CP Pump Systems announces the launch of the new MKP "OH2 HT" arrangement

CP's new "OH2 HT" arrangement variant of the MKP magnetic drive pump series is specially designed for high-temperature applications and includes centre-supported pump casings with side-screwed pump feet and thermal barrier between pump and bearing bracket.

  • The centre-supported pump casings provide the best possible compensation for the natural thermal expansion of the pump casings in high-temperature applications. The slightly non-central arrangement of the feet on the pump casing developed by CP also takes into account the thermal expansion in the side feet themselves and thus keeps the position of the centre line of the pumps stable, regardless of the pump temperature.
  • The built-in thermal barrier effectively isolates the bearing bracket from the pump, so that commercially available bearings and lubricants can be used.
  • The pumps can be used up to 350°C and are available in pressure rating PN16 and PN25.
  • The closed lanterns offer all the usual MKP safety options such as shroud temperature monitoring, secondary containment, lantern connection for leakage monitoring and lantern connection for pressure monitoring, which ensures maximum safety.
  • The newly available MKP version "OH2 HT" can also be equipped with heated casings if required.
  • CP’s unique one-piece heating chamber system is specially designed for optimal and fast heating. It provides excellent heat distribution inside the pump, reduces temperature differences and avoids cold zones. In addition to high heat transfer efficiency and direct supply of heating energy close to the process wetted pump components , heating times will be shortened and energy costs are minimised.
  • The pumps are available in 26 sizes and cover heads up to 230 m with flow rates up to 1300 m3/h.