Sustainability is very important to us – which is why we promote young talent!

CP Pumpen AG, represented by Simon Bolliger, welcomed the Cantonal School Zofingen as part of the Wirtschaftswochen (Business Weeks) on Wednesday, October 14, 2020. The CEO of CP personally guided the school students through the organization, explaining the processes based on the original design of a centrifugal pump. It is used to pump hazardous liquids – especially in companies in the chemical industry. This is CP’s core competence.

CP Pumpen AG, a well-known international and successful pump manufacturer, has its main headquarters in Switzerland, very close to the Cantonal School Zofingen. The Wirtschaftswochen are organized by the Aargau Chamber of Commerce and Industry. The idea behind the project week is to introduce the young school students to economic interrelationships and to business theory and practice. The school students play a business game, in which they manage a fictitious company and are faced with having to make challenging decisions, which they run through in role plays. They receive support from experts from the business world.

CP Pumpen is committed to the sustainable production of efficient, safe and robust pumps. We take our responsibility towards people and the environment very seriously. This is our basic attitude, which we also underline with our CP slogan “cleaner pumps – cleaner planet”. We are excited to be able to inspire and promote the next generation with our actions.

In cooperation with the Aargau Chamber of Commerce and Industry.