MKP Pump for Reactor Circulation

Magnetically coupled pump for reactor circulation in the chemical industry

Many chemical processes of great industrial importance require a variety of expensive and technically sophisticated equipment - for the chemical production of surfactants, for example, a reactor pump that reliably circulates the reactive 3-phase mixture at high pressures and high temperature during the process. This is where the tailor-made CP MKP pump comes into play, magnetically coupled, hermetically sealed, without mechanical seal, without thermosyphon system.

The pump also features a centerline mounted casing (OH2 design) and a special baseplate fitted with bespoke springs, which eliminate the requirement for compensators in the piping. It guarantees low-risk operation and stable production thanks to the hermetically sealed separation of medium and atmosphere by means of a containment shell. All without the high additional costs of operation and maintenance of complicated monitoring equipment for mechanical seal and barrier pressure system.

CP Pump safety features
CP Pumpen's magnetic drive pumps feature a primary containment shell that has been proven in the field for years and is available in a variety of materials and in different designs depending on the application. The containment shell can be monitored with a patented containment shroud temperature measurement system that effectively and quickly detects undesirable operating conditions.

As a second level of safety, CP has developed and qualified a secondary sealing system with a rotary shaft seal that uses a pressure and/or leakage detector to monitor the closed lantern. Depending on the application, maintenance-free operation for several years can be expected. This safety equipment protects production and thus your investment.

Technical data
0.25 to 1300 m³/h
3 to 160 m
Temperatures: -100 to +350°C
Kinematic viscosities: 0,5 to 350 mm²/s
Solids handling:
up to 30% solids concentation and 1 mm particle size, depending on the pumped fluid*
*In general, media with solids content can be transported, but application-specific verification in advance is necessary.

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