Big, strong and safe! Over 1300 m³/h safely set in motion.

The MKP 300-250-315 metal magnetic drive pump, recently commissioned by CP Pumpen AG for an Asian customer, impresses with its strong inner values. Flow rate of approx. 600 m³/h at a maximum of 1300 m³/h and operating temperatures of 220°C, with maximum values of up to 350°C. The start-up impressed the customer – absolutely smooth running of the pump at full load and a great service support by the CP Asia team on site.

There is nothing to stop the replacement of further old mechanical seal pumps with safe, leak-free and robust CP pumps. We are looking forward to it.

CP Pumpen AG is an innovative Swiss company. With the goal to transport your challenging media safely, we continue to develop our product range further.

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