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Zofingen’s History

Officially founded in 1201 by the counts of Frohburg, Zofingen is believed to date back to Neolithic times. Once occupied by the Romans and the site of an ancient monastic settlement, the picturesque walled town developed progressively over the centuries into a modern urban community. Centrally located on a major trade route, its commerce and industry flourished. With the advent of the industrial revolution, the town in the Swiss canton of Aargau became home to prestigious and successful companies: 


Ringier was founded when Johann Rudolf Ringier set up a book printing shop. Today, Ringier is Switzerland’s largest media business, publishing many newspapers and magazines in a variety of languages. Based in Zurich since 1978, the company employs thousands of people.


Siegfried was established by pharmacist Samuel Benoni Siegfried as a supplier to pharmacies. Today, Siegfried Holding AG is a successful life sciences company with two divisions, Siegfried Actives and Siegfried Generics.


Müller Martini was founded by Hans Müller who started manufacturing bookbinding equipment under the name of Grapha Maschinenfabrik. In 1969, he acquired Martini, established by Friedrich von Martini in 1850, which had made a name for itself producing precision rifles, Martini cars, and folding, stitching, book sewing and adhesive binding machines. Today, employing several thousand people all around the world, Müller Martini AG manufactures a wide variety of web offset printing presses and bookbinding equipment, as well as newspaper inserting and mail room delivery systems.


Zofingen 1715

Zofingen Market Hall (built in 1726)

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