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Energy in Water: The Case for a Smaller Footprint – Energy Efficient Water Pumping Systems

Dieser Vortrag wurde an folgender Konferenz gehalten:
"Water: Crisis and Choices" - ADB and Partners Conference 2010,

11. - 15. Oktober 2010, Manila, Philippinen

Sprecher: Thomas Würsch, CEO, CP Pumpen AG

Everyone knows that water in the Asia and Pacific region is a big multifaceted issue. There is scarcity, waste, pollution, inadequate service levels, increasing and competing demands to name a few. Causes are many as are water agencies and talk-fests. What everyone doesn't know is that there are doable solution choices and needed urgency to give water higher priority in development plans and investment.

To ensure momentum and continuity of water and sanitation developments in the Asia-Pacific up to and beyond 2015, ADB and its partners organized this "Water Crisis and Choices" conference.

At conference closing, ADB presented its draft Water Operational Framework 2011-2020 and called for credible water partnerships to consolidate the sector's knowledge and coordinate solutions.

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Water: Crisis and Choices - ADB and Partners Conference 2010
Efficiency is the key for Asian cities to provide the water needs of their ballooning populations. Choices to decrease water losses, manage demands, improve bankable utilities, and slash energy costs to reduce climate change impacts are on the table.

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